Vibrational medicine is an energy healing technique that allows your body to repair itself naturally. There are many different styles of vibrational medicine; this particular one uses the art of dowsing to allow the healer to identify the root causes contributing to a condition. Every cell, tissue, organ, gland and body system needs to vibrate at an ideal frequency for a person to achieve optimal health. Dowsing can establish whether or not that ideal frequency is being achieved. Each person and each situation is unique and this medicine provides the precise and specific direction towards the remedial action required.

Rebecca James

I am based in Muir of Ord in the Highlands of Scotland and have been practicing vibrational medicine since 2012.   I gained my diploma from the Scottish School of Vibrational Medicine headed by Dr. Helen Petrow and Derek Talbot, former students of Jack Temple who was the founder of this medicine.  

Qualifications:  B.Sc. (Hons) Biology and Chemistry, M.Sc. Marine Biology, Celtic Reiki Level 1


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