"A few months after surgery, plus others issues, I found myself really not feeling up to scratch.   After one appointment with Rebecca I came away feeling a whole lot better!  A very good experience, wish I had gone sooner." -- Karen. Highlands.

"After our dog was attacked she really lost her confidence and was very nervous around other dogs and even humans.  After one treatment she was back to her old self.  Thank-you." L.M.  Inverness

"After a few treatments my IBS symptoms were nearly gone, thank-you! " -- A. W. Highlands

"My arthritis is so much better (the lumps on my hand and fingers have gone) and no need for drugs , thank-you" -- K.D.  Suffolk

"My 12 year old son began to experience debilitating stomach complaints and we seemed to be endlessly waiting for doctor and hospital appointments, it was an incredibly frustrating and worrying time. Rebecca was able to establish what intolerances or allergies were playing a part from the outset of my son's treatment and began to unpack the root causes of the symptoms he was experiencing, which ultimately culminated in him beginning his road to recovery" -- K.H. Inverness

Vibrational medicine gave us hope for our little daughters eczema. The doctors told us that she may grow out of it and in the mean time try to control the symptoms with petrochemicals, steroids and possibly antihistamine for the itch, which we didn't want to do. Through the medicine we were able to find out the root causes and also what food intolerances were adding to the problem, this was a massive help and stopped all the guessing and food trials. Our daughter also had terrible sleeping problems and vibrational medicine has been a gift for us with this. Thank you from my whole family for helping my wee one get rid of her itchy skin!” W.S. Brora

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